Combining twenty-six years of debate and seven years of active consultation, here are the eight key conditions the Tasmanian public insist we adhere to beyond the planning scheme:

  1. No white elephant: i.e Fund the project privately and do not rely on a taxpayer bailout.

  2. Keep the road open: i.e. Do not require reduced or restricted access on the existing road corridor.

  3. No scar: i.e. Deliver an indistinguishable cableway corridor that requires little to no permanent clear-felling of vegetation.

  4. Co-exist: i.e. Do not reduce or restrict existing recreational use.

  5. Least visual impact: i.e Align the cableway corridor to minimise visual intrusion and quantity of pylons.

  6. Respect the skyline: i.e Provide a visually-unobtrusive pinnacle facility, when viewed from both the City of Hobart looking towards the mountain, and looking from the existing carpark at the Pinnacle.

  7. Convenient and Family Friendly: i.e Improve family friendly access and provide a base terminal with ease-of-access to and from the city, in particular the waterfront zone, including mixed-mode integration with existing transport options.

  8. Give Back: i.e Value-add to the ongoing management and preservation of Wellington Park.

MWCC are proud to include all of the above key social conditions into the fundamental building blocks of our proposal.


Formal opportunities to get involved are listed here: